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Safety Futures will become the central place for people all over the world to come together to learn so that they can more effectively lead safety in their organisations. Our course development roadmap includes dozens of different programs for safety professionals, company directors, senior management, frontline management, workers, procurement teams, engineers and everyone else who requires safety capability development and has a role to play in safety management.
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Dr. David Provan

Managing Director

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Being a safety professional is the only thing that David has done since he was 19 years old more than 2 decades ago. He has worked across many high-risk industries and has been responsible for overseeing safety across operations in more than 100 countries. He has been a career learner having completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology and OHS), Masters of Health Science (Risk Management and OHS), Masters of Business Administration (Finance and Economics) and a PhD in Safety Science.

David has spoken at more than 100 national and international conferences over the last 5 years and published more than 10 academic research papers in leading safety journals. In 2018, David was awarded the prestigious Dr. Eric Wigglesworth OHS education medal by the Australian Institute of Health and Safety for his research and contribution to safety. David is an Adjunct Fellow at the Griffith University Safety Science Innovation Lab.

Every week David co-hosts ‘The Safety of Work’ podcast which reviews the latest safety science research and shares practical advice for making improvement within real organisations. The Safety of Work podcast is listened to every week by thousands of safety professionals and managers in more than 90 countries.

Being the Managing Director at Safety Futures is the culmination of David’s career of practice as a safety professional and his extensive research.

Ralph Shreeve

Executive Director

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Ralph has spent the majority of his career in senior leadership roles living and working across five continents. This has exposed him  to different languages, cultures and hazardous environments. He has experienced a broad spectrum of operational, executive and consulting roles with military and national security organisations; oil and gas corporations; power generation, transmission and distribution companies and  both primary and tertiary healthcare organisations.

Over the last two and a half decades, Ralph has developed a track record of effecting business transformations across listed, private and government organisations both as a CEO, COO, Consultant and Coach. In the last decade his work as a Consultant and Coach has focused on developing and implementing complex change programs that align operational and safety improvement initiatives to transform the organisational capacity to work safely. Leading the effective design and delivery of interactive action learning programs has facilitated and sustained significant safety improvement and leadership capabilities at  individual, team and organisational levels.

Ralph brings a unique perspective to hazardous operations through multiple-lenses shaped by extensive personal experience and postgraduate research in Operations Management and Leadership.  He has earned master’s degrees in Major Program Management and Coaching Change Leadership as well as Post Graduate Multi-Cultural Coaching certification from  Europe’s leading Universities.  Ralph integrates practical  and theoretical perspectives of operations management, safety performance and leadership effectiveness to deliver impactful safety improvement and leadership development outcomes.

Amanda Beatty

Program Manager

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Amanda has a broad career as a business professional in many different industries. She has been involved in leading the implementation of significant business and technology change projects. Having experience operating in large and complex organisations Amanda knows how every function in an organisation needs to operate to deliver stakeholder outcomes.

Amanda’s role as Program Manager at Safety Futures is responsible for all technology and business management. Her focus is always primarily on the user experience, and she brings that to every aspect of management at Safety Futures.

Ironé Dekker

Program Director

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Experienced across several high-risk industries through working in energy, mining and construction, Ironé’s key strength are to create practical solutions that bridge corporate expectations and the needs of frontline workers, consistent with the complexities of executing work day-to-day. She is tactical and inclusive in her approach to produce best practise and sustainable safety outcomes within organisations.

Regular engagement with operational teams and industry leaders in safety asserts Ironé as a pertinent safety professional practitioner, consultant, coach and mentor.

Ironé holds a Bachelor of Health Science and a Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Management.