Advanced Safety Professional Practice

12-week boot camp
Program overview

Are you in a safety role or overseeing a safety team? Safety roles are arguably the hardest roles in any organisation to be effective. Every person in your company is a stakeholder, there are lots of differing expectations and you have next to no decision-making responsibility for how work happens. It’s these reasons that might make you feel unsure about how best to approach your role in your organisation and what good looks like.

Our flagship program at Safety Futures is a 12- week Advanced Safety Professional Practice online boot camp that offers a unique opportunity to learn from Dr. David Provan and his team in an immersive and practical digital platform designed to enhance the core capabilities and skills that you need to be more effective in your safety professional role.

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What are the benefits of the program?

The Advanced Safety Professional Practice program will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Significant development of the 5 core capabilities and 20 critical skills you need
  • Significantly improve your effectiveness in your current role
  • Obtain an industry endorsed accreditation and continuing professional development (CPD) points
  • Grow their global professional network across multiple industries and geographies
  • Spend 12 interactive weeks with one foremost global safety thought leaders
  • Provide strong governance that safety professionals in your organisation are capable of performing their role
  • One-on-one coaching throughout the program
What will I learn?

The Advanced Safety Professional Practice program will cover 5 capabilities and 20 skills that are critical to your effectiveness as a safety professional. This is not all of the skills, however with the capability you will develop in this program you will have all that you need to create a significant impact on the safety of work in your organisation. The content is deeply instructional with easy-to-understand ideas and loaded with practical examples.

Creating Influence

You don’t make the decisions in you don’t make the decisions in your organisation that most impact safety, others do, so how do you influence them
to listen to and act on your advice? In this level
of the program you will develop skill in building relationships, humble inquiry, coaching and having difficult conversations.

Managing Risk

When you have creating the environment where people will listen to you, then the next critical capability is to understand and foresee risk in your organisation and get something done about them. In this level of the program you will develop skill in risk psychology, risk assessment, risk reduction and control effectiveness.

Managing Work

After putting in place critical risk controls
the next step for you in your role is to embed repeatable business processes to institutionalise the management of work and safety in your organisation. In this level of the program you will develop skill in management systems, prescribing work, safety clutter and assurance.

Leading Change

Next it’s time for you to lead, drive, facilitate organisational improvement. How often have you heard people say we are on a safety journey and they are actually not going anywhere at all. In this level of the program you will develop skill in change management, diagnosing opportunities, building strategy and evaluating improvement.

Facilitating Learning

If creating influence is your most important personal capability, then learning is your organisations most important capacity. Every moment of every day during every task in your organisation there is something to learn. But what processes should you use and where should you look? In this level of the program you will develop skill in understanding work, incident investigation, learning team and performance information.

How will the program be delivered?

The program incorporates many different learning modes combining interactive, self- paced and practical learning activities.

This is a boot camp, so there are lots of touch points, communication, core learning and extension learning opportunities. Each week
you’ll complete a minimum of 2 missions relating to the 20 core skills. Each mission involves you reviewing a short video lecture delivered by David Provan and then you will work through easy-to- follow reading material.

You will then embed this learning through undertaking workplace-based practical missions to test out your skills, respond to reflective practice questions and plan for how you might change your role to increase your effectiveness. You will interact with your peers on the program through an online message board as well as through weekly interactive webinars led by Dr. David Provan. There is continuous communication, learning and technical support available.

Learning Modalities
24 Short video lectures
Weekly reading and reflective questions
12 Weekly interactive lectures
40+ Practical “missions” in the workplace
Access to a global alumni community
Peer learning opportunities
24/7 Learning support
Who has endorsed the program?
At safety futures we are continuing to work with professional associations globally to endorse the Advanced Safety Professional Practice Program.
The program is aligned with many of the knowledge, skills and activities outlined in the INSPHO: Occupational Health and Safety Professional Capability Framework.
The Australian Institute of Health and Safety has endorsed the program and certified members
of the AIHS will be awarded 120 CPD points for completing the program (the annual requirement is 100 points).


Are there limits to the number of participants for each public course intake?

Yes. Each public course is limited to 100 learners.

Will this course be suitable for me if I am working on a shift roster (e.g., 2 weeks on/off)?

Yes. The base plan for the program is for learners to work through the missions each week. We have the flexibility to enable learners to complete multiple missions in parallel. We will work directly with individual learners that need a specific plan to accommodate work rosters or personal circumstances

Will the classes be delivered live or recorded in consideration for those working in different time zones?

Both. The webinars are all delivered live and will be interactive via Zoom. These webinars will be recorded so that if you are unable to attend, then you can watch them later. The short lectures at the start of every mission are pre-recorded so that they can be watched on-demand when you are ready to complete that individual mission

Will the live webinars accommodate a variety of time zones?

Yes. Each of the seven live webinars at the start of each Level will have two-time options to accommodate every global region at a reasonable time of day. Learners can pre-select the time that best suits them. There is also the option of pre-sending your questions and these will be answered during the individual session that you attend

Being a relatively new individual to the safety profession, how do you envision that this will benefit an individual with minimal background context?

This is a comprehensive yet accessible course to provide all of the foundational skills you need to be effective in your role and build your safety career. It will help you identify the areas of professional practice that you find important and give you a direction for future more targeted development after the program.

Do participants have an opportunity to engage and collaborate with one another outside of the training sessions?

Yes. The interactive learning platform has a discussion board, and we will be promoting and facilitating support and sharing between all learners. The live interactive webinars will involve small break-out group discussion to plan and reflect of learning activities.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, Please email

Can I join the program if I do not live in Australia?

Of course, we are completely online, and you can log in from anywhere, at any time. For reference, fortnightly Q&A Sessions are recorded on Monday in two time zones and are recorded.

Do you offer the course in languages other than English?

Not currently. We have a plan to progressively make the program available in other major languages depending on demand.


David is the perfect person to walk you through developing the advanced practice capabilities of the safety profession. The program contains everything I wished I had known 15 years ago in my first role as a safety practitioner. Completing the program really is an exceptional opportunity that all safety professionals should consider as part of their professional development.

Kym Bancroft
Head of Health and Safety, Urban Utilities.

A good man once told me ‘there is nothing new in safety’. He was my mentor, coach, friend and trusted colleague.

He was also very wrong!

The safety futures course takes the traditional view of what you know and what others think you know and throws a big fat ‘what if’ your way. The content is bold, challenging and and at times uncomfortable. It helped me ‘see’ the leader i was and the leader i needed to be.

Jason Nichol

The team at Safety Futures has knocked this program out of the park!

A structured, friendly learning environment to practically apply the content in the real world.

If you want to become more effective in your role as a safety professional, this one is for you!

Rory Redfern
Safety Specialist at Essential Energy

Enrolling in the ASPP program is one of the best decisions I have made. There are many challenges to being a successful safety professional, often out of our control. The ASPP program provides the tools, theory, and insight to meet those challenges.

Jason Catterson
Snr. EHS Specialist at Tesla

Never has a program delivered so much value to me personally, to my team, and to our organisation. The content can be practically implemented, will help you truly develop your understanding of how you can make real change as a safety professional, and also allow you to learn from and network with others

Josh Bryant
General Manager - People and Risk at Mitchell Services
Course Schedule

The Advanced Safety Professional Practice public programs will be run over the following dates:

6th March - 16th June

Sold Out

14th August - 24th November

If you would like to enrol your team of safety professionals, we also offer customisable private programs to organisations who would like to benefit from 12 weeks of team-based peer learning, reflective practice and relationship development.

This is a great way to build the capability of your entire safety organisation. Minimum numbers and discounts apply. Please contact us here.