Safety Leadership for Supervisors and Managers

Program overview

When it comes to the safety of work, culture and systems make it possible but front line people make it happen!  No plan of operations reaches with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the main hazards. The safety of work is therefore rarely achieved by merely flawlessly executing a plan.  Leaders must Know how to develop a safe system of work through a collaborative planning process, Say what needs to be addressed to engage the team in mindful execution and Do what is needed to refine plans while staying within the organisation’s agreed reliability envelope.

The Safety Leadership for Supervisors and Managers program (SLSM) designed by David Provan and Ralph Shreeve of Safety  Futures integrates experiential and theoretical perspectives of  safety improvement, operations management and leadership development to facilitate the learning of operational leaders to ensure they know how to:

  • Develop and refine safe systems of work.
  • Plan work collaboratively.
  • Develop and maintain individual and collective situational awareness.
  • Lead disciplined execution; and
  • Stop the job when necessary then safely RESET and Go.

Using digitally enabled, action learning methods, the programme builds each leader’s personal capacity to develop their team’s ability to continuously improve the safety of work.

What are the benefits of the program?

The Safety Leadership for Supervisors and Managers program will provide your organisation with the following benefits:

  • Developing core safety improvement and leadership capabilities that directly influence the safety of work.
  • Empowering frontline leaders to Know, Say and Do what drives sustainable safety improvement throughout your organisation.
  • Implementing concepts and practices that over the last decade have consistently contributed to a greater than 25% reduction in adverse incidents across multiple organisations

Participant benefits include:

  • Significantly developing the five core skills of a frontline safety leader
  • Developing a deep understanding of the key elements of human performance
  • Learning how to generate constructive dialogue between individuals and teams
  • Understanding how to mentor and coach other to enable and empower them
  • Significantly improving the ability to deliver high quality work safely and efficiently.
What will participants learn?
Engaging individuals and teams

Achieving high standards requires more than engagement, but it is a good start, especially in relation to safety performance.  Engagement is a critical element of mindful execution, maintaining situational awareness and personal development.  Participants will learn how to apply different tools and techniques to help build engagement at all levels.

Planning work collaboratively

You may be the smartest person in the team but you are unlikely to be smarter than the team.  Collaborative planning processes access the experience and expertise of the team to set the team up for the best possible safe start. Participants will learn to use a collaborative planning process currently deployed across the globe in countless hazardous operations.

Working Safely in the Presence of Hazards

A safe system of work makes the safety of work possible but people make it happen by monitoring implementation to ensure work is not drifting towards failure.  Participants will learn how to engage the team in disciplined execution so that they know if the drift is happening because of a lack of discipline of because the system needs to be refined.

Supervising and Leading

For a long time, supervision and leadership have essentially been seen as the domain of individuals holding formal authority.  Safe supervision is explored as a process that the team must actively engage in.  Participants will learn how to deliver against their personal accountability for the quality of supervision while engaging every member of the team to share responsibility for the safety of work.

Facilitating Learning

David Packard of HP once said that every organisation needs to realise that its rate of revenue growth cannot exceed the rate at which it grows human capital. Learning is one of your organisations most important capacities.  Participants will learn how to use methods of instruction, mentoring and coaching at individual and team levels to facilitate continuous learning.

How will the program be delivered?

The programme is delivered through an action learning platform with a combination of videos, on-line content and a series of interactive webinars Every module leads to a practical ‘mission’ that is executed in the workplace. Learning leads to action, which in turn leads to more learning, driving improved capabilities at all levels to deliver tangible benefits and realise immediate impacts and improvements in the workplace.

The culmination of the programme is a personal ‘Capstone’ project in which participants synthesise the key learnings from the programme to create their own performance goals in terms of what they need to Know, Say and Do to facilitate ongoing safety improvement and leadership development.  They also develop and implement a safety improvement initiative that solves a current work issue by demonstrating and embedding most, if not all of the programme’s content.

Participants have the ability to interact with peers on the program through an online message board as well as through the interactive webinars led by the facilitators.  Continuous communication, learning and technical support is available to all participants throughout the programme.

Learning Modalities
10 Short video lectures
Weekly reading material
Peer learning opportunities
10 Practical “missions” in the workplace
24/7 Learning support
10 live interactive webinars


Are there limits to the number of participants for each public course intake?

Yes. Each public course is limited to 50 learners.

Will this course be suitable for me if I am working on a shift roster (e.g., 2 weeks on/off)?

Yes. The base plan for the program is for learners to work through the missions each week. We have the flexibility to enable learners to complete multiple missions in parallel. We will work directly with individual learners that need a specific plan to accommodate work rosters or personal circumstances

Will the classes be delivered live or recorded in consideration for those working in different time zones?

Both. The webinars are all delivered live and will be interactive via Zoom. These webinars will be recorded so that if you are unable to attend, then you can watch them later. The short lectures at the start of every mission are pre-recorded so that they can be watched on-demand when you are ready to complete that individual mission

Will the live webinars accommodate a variety of time zones?

Yes. Each of the seven live webinars at the start of each Level will have two-time options to accommodate every global region at a reasonable time of day. Learners can pre-select the time that best suits them. There is also the option of pre-sending your questions and these will be answered during the individual session that you attend

Do you offer group discounts?

Group discounts will be agreed with individual companies. There is the option of putting a number of people from the same company on a public course at a discounted rate. There is also the option to configure and run a dedicated program with just employees from the same organisation and supplement this program with other internal development activities.

Do participants have an opportunity to engage and collaborate with one another outside of the training sessions?

Yes. The interactive learning platform has a discussion board, and we will be promoting and facilitating support and sharing between all learners. The live interactive webinars will involve small break-out group discussions to plan and reflect on learning activities.

Can I join the program if I do not live in Australia?

Of course, we are completely online, and you can log in from anywhere, at any time. For reference, fortnightly Q&A Sessions are recorded on Monday in two time zones and are recorded.

Do you offer the course in languages other than English?

Not currently. We have a plan to progressively make the program available in other major languages depending on demand.


Our safety performance wasn’t improving using a traditional top-down safety approach so we engaged Ralph and David to work with us and our contractors to try something different. We operate in a high-risk industry where the experts are on the tools and the challenge was how to enable these experts to perform at their best.  What differentiated their approach from others is that they worked with us, alongside us, at the head office and most importantly with our front line teams to build safety leadership capabilities. By doing this, our safety performance not only improved to become the best in the industry, it also became sustainable and remains just as strong today.

Jamie Rodda
General Manager, Integrated Gas Asset Services

Ralph and David have a powerful and lasting impact on the people and organisations they works with. I was responsible for delivering a multibillion dollar upstream gas construction programme and they supported me with a significant change agenda to transform safety performance and to improve capital intensity by more than 40% . As well as developing and delivering the most effective frontline leadership programme I’ve experienced, Ralph was also a great coach and strategic thought partner.

David Fry
General Manager, Field Delivery

I worked extensively with Ralph Shreeve over several years when I was the inaugural commander of joint health command, Australian Defence Force. During that time he coached and mentored key members of my senior leadership team to facilitate their delivery of material and sustainable improvements in performance. These improvements translated directly into positive business outcomes in value add. Ralph is fairly unique in being able to connect contemporary theory with practise to deliver powerful uplifts in both personal and organisational capability and performance.

Dr Paul Alexander
Course Schedule and Enrolment
Please email the SLSM Program Director Ralph Shreeve on: with any questions and arrange a web call to discuss your personal or organisation’s learning needs.
The four SLSM programs in January, March, August and October 2023 are now fully subscribed.  However, as we sometimes receive cancellations, vacancies can open at short notice.
As a result of demand, we are also considering adding another program to the 2023 schedule, so please contact Ralph to register your interest.